Alopecia Returns For TV Celebrity

January 27th, 2011
Alopecia Returns For TV Celebrity

Well known TV personality Gail Porter is reported to have shaved her head again after the debilitating hair loss condition – Alopecia – returned.

A previous bout of Alopecia forced the Scottish celebrity to shave her head, which remained bald for five years before her hair began to grow back. While putting on a brave face, Gail will no doubt be devastated to realise that she will have to go through it all again.

Her boyfriend shot some photos of the celebrity which were posted on the internet. The alopecia had left a small amount of hair that resembled a Mohawk haircut. She tweeted: “It’s all gone!!!! Kept a Mohawk though.”

Before deciding to keep the Mohawk look, Ms Porter was unsure about what to do. She told friends: “Hey everyone. Dilemma o’clock. My hair is falling out rapidly. Do I shave the last hair off and see if it regrow or just have hair as pics (show)?

“I’m thinking that shaving is the best option. Can’t bear the thought of another morning with a pillow full of hair. Shall I YouTube it?”

An hour later she had shaved her head. Tweeting again, she wrote: “Right… I’m going to get the clippers. Wish me luck. Will post a pic. Thanks for all your support, it’s amazing. Mini me (daughter Honey) is excited.”

Gail Porter lost her hair the first time in 2005. Doctors believe the alopecia was caused by stress. She thought she had beaten the condition, so it must have been a shock to find she was losing her hair once more.

Alopecia can be caused by a number of factors. Stress is common reason as is chemotherapy. Other causes could be fungal infection and hair treatment, including chemicals and overuse of hair straighteners.

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