Are You The Cause Of Your Own Hair Loss?

October 31st, 2012
Are You The Cause Of Your Own Hair Loss?

Losing one’s hair can be devastating for most people. However while it is often believed that hair loss has an underlying genetic cause, this is not the case for everyone.

That’s certainly the opinion of a number of experts who suggest that for a lot of people, loss of hair, like teeth can be due to lifestyle. This belief is based on the notion that hair needs to be nourished and looked after in just the same way as any other part of the body.

For instance, scientists now feel that eating too much junk food does not help provide the correct nutrients for hair to grow properly and look and feel great. By adding other foods stuffs such as fish into a person’s diet these will help ‘feed’ the hair as well as the body. Fish contains much needed amino and fatty acids.

Similarly scientists believe that it is important to eat as many different amino acid rich products as possible. These include dark green vegetables, nuts such as walnuts and almonds and a range of whole grains.

As well as food, hair needs watering. It helps to stop the scalp drying out. These days unfortunately, water is substituted by too many sugary products which are only serving to damage hair. Therefore it makes sense to start drinking far more water than is currently consumed.

Interestingly scientists have also realised that people who have too hot a bath are also damaging their hair. Hot water apparently washes away scalp oil which in turn makes the hair follicles brittle. To prevent this it is better to wash hair in cooler water.

There are other tips which you could do to keep your hair healthy. These include regular exercise; trimming hair regularly, particular if you live in hot climates; not combing wet hair too rigorously – doing so can cause damage.

Scientists also believe that while genetics can play a part other conditions such as pregnancy, stress, menopause and other hormonal changes will also play their part. It is therefore vital that individuals look after their locks better during these times.

As usual, if hair loss is a worry and there is no apparent reason for it then getting it checked out by an expert is important.


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