Can Makeup be a Proper Substitute for Cosmetic Treatment?

April 4th, 2012
Can Makeup be a Proper Substitute for Cosmetic Treatment?

The answer is no, if the products are of a poor and dangerous quality. That’s the conclusion of one makeup artist, Sally Hayes.

Sally believes that too many women are falling victim to unskilled permanent makeup providers, who they visit to help them permanently maintain their appearance. Sally told reporters: “Permanent makeup became popular with active women who care about their appearance because it works.”

However, Sally is concerned that the products being used are actually causing damage. Further they are often applied by untrained people and the products themselves are also not cheap.

Sally who has had 25 years working in the plastic surgery profession, added: “[Permanent makeup] is designed to look natural for years, and give a woman added confidence and freedom, not have her trying to hide from people wondering, “What did you do to your face?’”

Medical professionals agree with Sally Hayes, who often refer patients to her for work. One such surgeon said: “It seems to be a case where the number of highly skilled and experienced permanent makeup artists does not yet meet the demand. Unfortunately, the damage can be done by the time the woman realizes all permanent makeup artists are not equal.”

A local dermatologist agrees. Jody Comstock who is part of a practice in Arizona added: “To be safe, you must do your homework and only trust your face with a proven permanent makeup professional.

Search the Internet, get referrals from your doctor, or women whose permanent makeup you like. Otherwise you could be facing laser treatments or even surgery to have bad permanent makeup removed.”

With the costs of facial cosmetic surgery on the rise, the use of permanent makeup may become an alternative. But as with all these things, care must be taken.


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