Children putting pressure on parents to look good

December 14th, 2010
Children putting pressure on parents to look good

Cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai, India are noticing a new phenomenon among their patients; older people asking for cosmetic treatments at the suggestion, or even insistence, of their grown-up children.

Most of the older people are single, having lost their previous partners, and the children are hoping that cosmetic surgery will help them in their search for a new husband or wife.

The most common surgeries requested include abdominal reshaping for women who have treatment, while liposuction and facial rejuvenation procedures are common to both sexes.

Dr Mohan Thomas, senior cosmetic surgeon at Breach Candy Hospital, saw one 55-year-old patient recently, who had travelled from his rural home town with his younger son.

“After his mother’s death a year back, he wanted his father to re-marry. Before starting the bride search, he wanted his father to look young. Hailing from a rich family in Uttar Pradesh, they approached me last month for the cosmetic surgery,” Dr Thomas said.

“Older people do not know about the availability of world class procedures in India and their affordability. We have seen sons and daughters bringing their parents for discussion about the improvements possible so that they come up in their careers and sometimes also before a remarriage. These youngsters also have great knowledge about their own requirements and usually undergo procedures to improve their own self-esteem,” he added.

Sometimes, the children will take the opportunity to undergo cosmetic surgery themselves, often to reassure their parents about the safety of the procedures.

“It is heartening to see a rising number of older people coming for cosmetic surgery because of their children,” said Dr Thomas.

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