Could the sockless trend be behind a surge in fungal foot infections?

October 10th, 2017
Could the sockless trend be behind a surge in fungal foot infections?

A popular fashion trend could be behind a surge in fungal foot infections, experts believe.

The rising popularity of going sockless has contributed to an increase in fungal foot infections in young men, according to The College of Podiatry. Emma Stephenson, a podiatrist, said that she has witnessed a steady increase in the number of young male patients coming through the door as a result of embracing the trend of wearing jeans or fitted chinos with loafers, brogues or boat shoes without socks. Baring the ankles, a look championed by reality stars, footballers and artists including Tinie Tempah and Sam Smith, was a trend that was seen everywhere during the spring/summer months.

Wearing shoes without socks or shoes that don’t fit properly can lead to an increased risk of infections as a result of excess moisture. Emma Stephenson explains that the feet produce around half a pint of sweat per day and the additional moisture and warmth surrounding the feet can put you at risk of infections like athlete’s foot. In one case, Emma had even come across a young male who worked in a car wash who was suffering from trench foot.

The advice from the experts is to limit the amount of time you go without socks, to spray some antiperspirant in the shoes before you go out and to stop wearing your shoes without socks if you do start to develop sore spots or you notice that your feet feel a lot sweatier than usual. The best thing to do is to buy discreet socks that can’t be seen. These socks will protect your feet without impacting on your style.

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