Dental Records to Help Identify Body

October 1st, 2010
Dental Records to Help Identify Body

Dental records are said to be needed to identify the remains of a person who was killed in a crash involving a B-double truck (a truck with two carriages) and an Australian Army truck on the 29th of October on the Bruce Highway, south of Rockhampton, Central Queensland.

Three others were involved in the crash, two soldiers who are injured but stable and the driver of the B-double who was still unconscious at Rockhampton Hospital when his condition was last updated.

The police believed that the three injured individuals were the only people involved in the crash and the remains weren’t found for another 24 hours after the crash when road workers were clearing up the wreckage.  Police are asking for anybody with any information to come forward and are hoping to speak with the injured truck driver when as soon as possible and are speaking to his family in the mean time. The situation isn’t believed to be suspicious.

When the dental records are secured by the police, they hope to discover the identity of the mysterious final person involved who is believed to have been travelling with the B-double truck driver. Alternatively, the police are hoping for results from the questioning of the drivers family who have been in talks with the police since the incident, another potential lead in discovering the identity of the final individual can come from the driver himself, who will be asked about the events once he regains consciousness.

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