Dentists Join The Webcast Age

February 17th, 2011
Dentists Join The Webcast Age

Like all professions the need for continuous training among dentists is paramount. Traditionally this has meant taking time away from the practice to go on courses.

However dentists can now stay at home and be trained along with others, via new computer-based technology.

Webcasts offer the chance for dentists to learn new techniques and discuss issues with fellow practitioners.

With that in mind one individual – Andrew Ashley, recently held his first webcast of 2011 with over 100 dentists taking part in the live event. The issue discussed was called ‘Increasing Talent Plan Acceptance’ and included a demonstration of new software.

The aim of the webcast was to show how dentists can persuade their patients to say yes to particular recommendations the dentist think are appropriate. Why this should be a problem seems rather strange, but it obviously is.

Using special computer software, dentists will be able to create professional customised treatment presentations which can then be used when discussing treatment options with the patient. It could also be used as a web-based resource.

Webcasts such as this are not new, but they are fast becoming a growing phenomenon.

In other news, dentists are constantly on the look out for new ways to improve service to patients. Webcasts outlined above are one way, but in the US they have found another – mobile dentistry.

A group of dentists and hygienists travel to local schools offering free dental treatment to schoolchildren in Bakersfield, California.

Teaming up with Big Smiles Dental organization, the dental practitioners offer the free service to children who are either too poor to afford a dentist or whose families do not have access to one.

Big Smiles Director, Albert Hirsch told local reporters: “Our mission is to create access to care for underserved children.”

The team visits 2 schools per day offering X-Rays as well as other more general treatments.

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