Do Actors Put Themselves In Danger For Their Art?

March 18th, 2013
Do Actors Put Themselves In Danger For Their Art?

Actors can be divided into 2 groups.

One group are those who are able to flit into and out of a role at will. The other group involves those who literally live the role they are playing 24 / 7 for how ever long it takes. This latter group is often referred to as method actors.

However, while method acting obviously gives the part the actor is playing more authenticity, it can have serious side effects.

For instance, some parts require the person playing it to increase their weight; others to lose it. Either way, both can be dangerous if taken to extremes.

One Hollywood actor who recently had to lose weight for his role of an AIDS victim was US star Matthew Mcconaughey.

According to his wife, the actor didn’t have any trouble losing weight, but it was a long process.

However, she also felt that it was important to keep an eye on his progress just in case it became too low. Rapid weight loss is often one of the major side effects of AIDS, so Mcconaughey needed to look as though this had happened to him.

Speaking with reporters, Mcconaughey’s wife, fellow actress Camila Alves said that was a lot of work put in and Mcconaughey was very disciplined.

Although a number of well-known actors are method actors, e.g. Robert de Niro, Daniel Day Lewis and Matthew Mcconaughey, it is not always an easy concept for others to adopt.

Weight loss and obesity are also serious medical conditions which some experts believe should not be taken on lightly.


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