Eat fish to keep your eyes healthy

December 1st, 2010
Eat fish to keep your eyes healthy

The Omega-3 oils found in many fish are already well known to be an essential part of a healthy diet, helping to keep joints healthy.

However, researchers at Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have now found that a diet rich in Omega-3 may also protect your sight, by protecting against age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of blindness in older people in the US.

The new study, led by Sheila K. West, PhD, looked at fish and shellfish consumption among the subjects through questionnaires. Respondents were then assessed for any indications of AMD. The subjects were then split into four groups; those with no signs of AMD, those with early AMD, intermediate AMD and finally a group diagnosed with the advanced stages of the condition.

“Our study corroborates earlier findings that eating omega-3-rich fish and shellfish may protect against advanced AMD.” Dr. West said. “While participants in all groups, including controls, averaged at least one serving of fish or shellfish per week, those who had advanced AMD were significantly less likely to consume high omega-3 fish and seafood,” she added.

The study also looked into the theory that a diet high in zinc from the consumption of crab or oyster can also reduce the risk of developing AMD, but in this case no link was found. Zinc is often recommended for older people as a good supplement to take to keep their eyes healthy, but the amount of zinc contained in shellfish is very low contained to supplement tablets bought from pharmacies.

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