Infertility increasing in India

September 19th, 2012
Infertility increasing in India

Recent research suggests that infertility is on the rise in India, and one of the main reasons is changes in lifestyle.

Many people in the sub-continent still believe that infertility is more associated with women than men, but in fact it is now known that around one in 6 cases are related to male infertility problems.

The majority of cases seen by an infertility expert are in women, but scientists are realising that male infertility is a growing problem. For instance, one in 5 men aged between 18 and 25 suffer from low sperm count. In the past, female infertility accounted for 60% cases, male infertility for 25%, while combined factors were responsible in remaining cases. However, today the male factor is prevalent in 50% cases. One in every five healthy men in the 18 to 25 age group suffers from abnormal sperm count. In every 100 couples, 40% males suffer from infertility, compared to 50% women. In the remaining 5%, the cause are common in both men and women.

But what is alarming to many medical practitioners is the change in the lifestyle of Indian citizens, particularly women. As the country becomes more and more westernised, it is expected that infertility problems could rise even further as many of the associated problems found in the West are now showing up in Indian society.

More women are focusing on their careers and are marrying late. The very process of planning a baby is delayed. Even today, most women are unaware of the exponential decline of fertility after the age of 35.



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