Infertility May Have A Surprising Cause

January 9th, 2013
Infertility May Have A Surprising Cause

Infertility is a serious problem for many people. While scientists are now more aware of the main reasons behind the medical condition, they can be surprised nevertheless.

For example, it seems that too much exercise can affect a woman’s ability to conceive. Strange as it may seem this is what one woman was told when she visited her doctor for help.

Most couples are told to avoid drinking alcohol and stop smoking to increase their chances of getting pregnant, but generally exercise is something that no one would consider could do harm.

But excessive exercise is apparently harmful.

This potential cause came as something of a surprise to Candace Biersmith who lives in Austin, Texas.

Candace found that the clock was ticking so visited her doctor to see what could be done about her situation. She was given an appointment to see Dr. Thomas Vaughn, a fertility expert who suggested to her that the cause of Candace’s infertility problems may in fact be because of other things and not traditional reasons.

The doctor then told Candace that while medical and genetic reasons are often considered the major causes of infertility it is not as clear cut as people suppose.

Dr. Vaughn suggested that apart from too much exercise, another lesser known cause in men is heat from a laptop computer which can affect the sperm count. In fact it is now known to kill off sperm which is why are told not use a laptop on their laps but use a table instead.

In Candace’s case her fallopian tubes had a problem. This was fixed and she opted for in-vitro fertilisation. She became pregnant after the first treatment.

Other potential causes of infertility being looked at are dental related. For example, there is now research into whether flossing and brushing teeth can help improve fertility.

Poor oral health during pregnancy is known to increase the chances of a premature birth.


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