Israelis Embrace Cosmetic Surgery

June 27th, 2012
Israelis Embrace Cosmetic Surgery

The number of Israelis deciding to get plastic surgery has grown massively – up by a third on last year.

While two-thirds of patients are women, men are beginning to catch up as they too see the value of going under the knife.

Interestingly a lot of the growth is cosmetic dentistry and not just general treatments. According to Dr. Robert Cohen, who chairs the union of aesthetic doctors around 300 dentists recently underwent training in aesthetic dental treatments. A further 100 of these decided to jack in normal dentistry altogether and concentrate on cosmetic therapies instead.

Although Israel is still far behind most European countries, it is starting to catch up, particularly where men are concerned. Dr. Cohen told reporters: “The treatment still causes discomfort to many men especially when they need to sit next to women in the waiting room.”

This hasn’t stopped men from opting for what are called beauty treatments such as Botox treatment, fillers and hair implants – up by around 15% from last year.

However, while this is all good news for the plastic surgery industry, it seems that the number of lawsuits have also gone up. Unfortunately, unlike other medical procedures cosmetic treatments can go wrong more often. What’s more, the business is also prone to unscrupulous people who think they can simply offer treatments such as Botox therapy without having training or being qualified.

As for Israel, Dr. Cohen said that legal issues are important and should be discussed at future conferences.


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