Malaysia Targeting Overseas Dentists

February 9th, 2011
Malaysia Targeting Overseas Dentists

A Malaysian based talent searching organisation is targeting foreign dentists who are currently residing in Malaysia. The company Talent Corporation believes there is a wasted pool of dental resources which isn’t being tapped into.

In general, the people being targeted are spouses of people who have jobs in the country, but are not themselves employed.

However Talent Corporation has said that this ‘talented dentist pool’ is not currently able to work in Malaysia simply because their qualifications are not recognised in the Asian country.

Other professionals can take an exam in Malaysia which once passed does allow them to practice or apply for jobs. But for dentists, there is no equivalent exam for them to take.

This is worrying a number in the industry; they feel this pool of talented dentists is being wasted.

It is common knowledge that the number of dentists in Malaysia is in short supply, which makes these ready qualified dentists’ inability to fill the hole due to obstacles unfortunate.

20 Responses to “Malaysia Targeting Overseas Dentists”

  1. Neeyatha says:

    I am Dr. Neeyatha. Recently I came from India. I am Dental surgeon in India. I have pacticed for 3 Years in India in various clinics.
    Still I want to continue my profession in Malaysia also. Could you please help me in providing the necessary information which is required to work as a Dentist in KL, Malaysia.

    Thanks in advance or your information.

  2. hooman mofidian says:

    I am dr mofidian from iran.i am dental surgeon in iran and about 15 years have practiced in my clinic and various clinic in tehran.i am 39 years old.i am intrestet to work in kl. Could you please help me in providing the necessary information which is required to work as a Dentist in KL, Malaysia.

    Best Regards,

  3. DR.ABDULARIF says:

    Iam an indian dentist working in SAUDIARABIA for 19 years now iwould like to work in malaysia please give me information about it

  4. syed yousif says:

    It is very said to say that there is no any resources for foreign Dentist to work as dentist in private sector . it is my Humble Request to Malaysian Dental Association, Prime minster of Malaysia . Chief justice of supreme court of Malaysia plz look at this matter there should be law for foreign dentist to work at malaysia

  5. robins dhakal says:

    Hello. I am Dr Robins Dhakal from Nepal.I am a registered dental surgeon,BDS, in Nepal.I have been practising dentistry in Nepal for 2 years in Governmental regional hospital and also in private clinics.I am interested to practice dentistry in Malaysia.Please provide me the details of processing to work as a dentist in Malaysia.

    Thanking you

  6. Dr.tanvir says:

    Hi,I m Dr.Tanvir from Bangladesh.I ve completed my B.D.S. course from one of the dental colleges here in Bangladesh.I m practising here for last 2 years.Now i want to move to Malaysia nd probably ve a postgraduate degree there nd work as a dentist in Malaysia.can u pls let me know what can i do to practise as a dentist in Malaysia.thank u………..

  7. Arun K.S says:

    I am an Engineer & got an offer to relocate to Malaysia early next year . My Wife is a dentist with approximate 3 years experience . My worry is whether my wife will be qualified to work in Malaysia . Her college name is not listed among the approved dental college in Malaysia Dental Council, Appreciate if some one can advise a way forward so that she can get to work in Malaysia ….. Is there any exam which she need to qualify ?

  8. Amer Anees says:

    I am Dr. Amer from Pakistan.i am a dental surgeon in Pakistan,and have 15 years of clinical practice experience in my clinic.I am intrest to work in kl.Could you please help me in providing the necessary information which is required to work as a Dentist in KL,Malaysia.

    Best Regards,

  9. shahrouz eslami says:

    hello sir,this is dr shahrouz eslami,who have been graduated from india in the year 2000,so after completion of my course in iran,I am working here in tehran for more than 12 years,therefor ,just wanted to know what are the terms and conditions,for working as a dentist in kl, best wishes shahrouz eslami

  10. rohan says:

    I am Dental surgeon in India. I have finished my post grad in India
    I want to continue my profession in Malaysia also. Could you please help me in providing the necessary information which is required to work as a Dentist in KL, Malaysia.

  11. sanjay says:

    I am Dr sanjay from INDIA .. I’M dental surgeon in INDIA
    and I have practiced in
    various clinic in Tamil Nadu.i am 27 years old.i am intrestet
    to work in malaysia. Could you please help me in providing the
    necessary information which is required to work as a
    Dentist in Malaysia

  12. Majd Amin says:

    I am Dr Majd ,an oral and maxillofacial surgeon from Syria, I have been practicing dentistry for 10 years in my private clini and working as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon since 2009.
    I am willing to practice my speciality im Malaysia, and I would you kindly to inform me about the instructions to make this happen.

    Thanks in advance

  13. Veni says:

    I am Dr. Venita from Jakarta. I have been practicing for almost 20 years in this capital of Indonesia. In Jakarta I have my own dental practice and I also work in a hospital. I am interested to work in Malaysia because I am looking for new challenges in my career. Would you send me information about the requirements needed to be able to work in Malaysia.

  14. jaswinder kaur says:

    i am dr jaswinder from india practising dentistry since 5 yrs. please guide for prctising dentistry in malaysia

  15. Dinesh kumar says:

    im Dr.R.Dinesh kumar.BDS
    From India I finished my BDS I want to work in kl malaysia so please kindly help me to join there
    Please send me the procedure to follow up
    thank you

  16. Dr Sara Javed says:

    I completed my bds in 2006 and Also did my housejob .i was practicing in my country while we too be to Malaysia.Now I wound like to continue my dental career here on KL.please help me out .
    Thank you

  17. Medyan Alrousan says:

    I am a Jordanian oral and maxillary all surgeon. My experience is a 22 years. I have plans to live and practice in Malaysia. How can you help me or to direct me.

  18. Dr.Akanksha Samuel says:

    Hi. I am a BDS from india mumbai. With a working experience of 11/2 of one n a half year. Looking for a job and getting settled in malaysia asap. I have my passport in hand.
    Kindly guide me for the same.
    Thanking you
    Dr. Akanksha Samuel

  19. Dr Khokon Dewan says:

    Hi, I am a Dental graduate (BDS) from Dhaka Dental College under Dhaka University, Bangladesh. I have got 2 years Clinical experience in my country. Anybody help me obtaining an employment in Malaysia. Mentionable that my BDS degree is recognized by the Government of Malaysia with the Malaysian Dental Council based on Section 12(3) Dentist Act 1971.

  20. dr saba says:

    hi im bds form pakistan i have 5 years experience,one year i worked in makkah saudi arabia now i want to work in malaysia looking for a job kindly guide and help me thanks

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