New Changes For Dentists Working In Arizona Schools

February 18th, 2013
New Changes For Dentists Working In Arizona Schools

Unlike in the UK, all American dentists work for themselves.

However, sometimes it must be difficult for medical professionals such as dentists to keep up with changes made within the 50 States of the union, especially since each one appears to have its own rules and regulations.

For instance, Arizona State legislature is undergoing changes in the regulations concerning dentists who regularly visit schools to check up on and treat school children.

Any company operating a mobile dental service working in schools must get written or verbal permission to do so from parents.

The Bill, which was passed last year in one House (it still requires approval in the second), requires that mobile dental providers get not one, but two permission statements from parents, the second being written and time-stamped before any work is carried out on a child.

Speaking with local reporters, the sponsor of the Bill, Doris Goodale said that both children and their parents need to be protected.

She added that her concern is for any child who receives care from a mobile dental lab. The child needs to be protected in order to make sure they receive proper care.

The new Act came about because of the growth in not-for-profit organisations across the state and the USA in general. While it is accepted that they do a lot of good work treating children whose parents would ordinarily not be able to afford dental work, the growth has nevertheless worried parents. Some have said they felt left in the dark as to what the groups were doing to their children.

The not-for-profit organisations work by contacting the schools direct, who then give permission for the school children to be checked, and if necessary treated for cleanings, fillings and even more long winded procedures such as crowns.


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