New Online Information Portal Now Available For Dentists

April 4th, 2011
New Online Information Portal Now Available For Dentists

NHS Dental Services is putting a contract information service online for the first time. Dentists will no longer need to get in touch by telephone to find out the facts they need.

Data which can be accessed will include Contract start and end dates; Principle practice addresses and other associated addresses performer information; Total contract value; Full activity breakdown; Status of claims; Vital signs reports and so on.

Speaking with health reporters, Alastair Mackay and David Campbell, who are co-principals of a dental practice in Sussex, said: “The dental portal will be a useful tool for managing our practice, with vital information being immediately accessible all in one place.

‘This also gives us a glimpse to what the future holds with regard to managing submissions and other correspondence with the BSA.”

No doubt dentists will welcome this new portal as it will enable them to run their NHS practices more smoothly. Having to phone a contact number then get through to the correct department can waste time, which is better spent on patient care. Using the internet is very much a time saver.

What’s more, the information portal is in real time, and is more likely to be kept up to date.

Prior to launching the new system a feasibility study was carried out, the feedback results of which were positive. It was therefore decided to roll the system out.

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