New York Dentists Combat Dental Anxiety with Certified IV Sedation-1615

December 7th, 2010
New York Dentists Combat Dental Anxiety with Certified IV Sedation-1615

Smile in the City, a leading Manhattan based dental practice is going the extra mile for their patients by offering IV sedation for patients who suffer from those horrendous dentist jitters.

At Smile in the City nervous patients undergoing oral surgery or in-depth dental procedures will have the opportunity to receive IV sedation for a comfortable, painless and, most importantly, completely forgettable dental experience.

Patients are in completely safe hands with a host of certified specialists to take care of them whilst they undergo a smile transformation without the usual discomfort and anxiety you would have to suffer during an intrusive dental procedure.

Dr. Joseph Zelig, Board Certified periodontist at Smile in the City, said: “At Smile in the City, we are not only concerned with the health and beauty of our patients’ smiles, but also their overall dental experience.” He continued: “Dental anxiety and phobia are very common in many patients, and with IV sedation, we can put these patients at ease for a more effective and comfortable dental procedure. Patients can be in and out of our office with an improved smile and little to no memory of their procedure.”

Sedation is a standard practice when patients are undergoing more intrusive procedures; however, normal sedation practices in dental surgeries typically have very light effects and unpredictable results that can frequently result in an uncomfortable, still painful experience for the patient. The advantage of IV sedation is in the fact that it has guaranteed immediate and effective results.

Dentists at Smile in the City specialise in cosmetic dentistry, offering a range of services from laser periodontics right through to a full mouth reconstruction. Smile in the City patients are treated to an excellent service prior, during and post-treatment, having the reassurance of Board Certified dentists to guide them through their treatment plan, the treatment procedure and their aftercare.

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