Plastic Surgery Is Not All Its Seems

January 11th, 2013
Plastic Surgery Is Not All Its Seems

Cosmetic or plastic surgery is now a multi million pound industry with the major proportion of those getting work done being female.

However an increasing number of men are now plumping for tummy tucks and face lifts for all sorts of reasons from self improvement to giving them an edge in job hunting.

But while cosmetic surgery is a valuable tool for many people it is often forgotten that it is a medical procedure and should not be undertaken without serious thought.

In fact, experts believe you should give it very serious thought before investing any money; particularly when it’s realised that often the first person you meet to discuss any procedures is a sales rep and not a doctor.

Recent adverts in women’s glossy magazine offering anything from happiness to self improvement give testament to that, which is why the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons called for a ban last year on these adverts.

But perhaps the problem isn’t just with cosmetic surgeons eager to promote their services. Maybe it is also TV programmes which are often presented by women (and men in some cases) which are perceived as beautiful. This must add to the consternation felt by any individual who might just dislike their own body.

Interestingly, recent research suggests that a woman is more likely to buy clothing when worn on TV or in an advert by a model with the same or similar dimensions to themselves.

If true, (and it does appear to be so), it is an easy extrapolation to suggest women will be influenced by perceived ‘beautiful’ people. And so decide to go under the knife.

So, what is the answer? This is two-fold. First experts feel that the number of TV programmes that show cosmetic surgery is normal should be reduced or stopped.

Second, women should be educated to realise that real beauty comes from inside and, not what you look like on the outside.

Dysmorphia is now a big problem among women. It’s also on the rise in men too.

Perhaps it’s about time all involved in the plastic surgery and beauty industries started taking more responsibility.


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