Post Divorce Treatment On The Rise

May 20th, 2013
Post Divorce Treatment On The Rise

It seems getting cosmetic surgery after a divorce is on the rise according to a recent report published in the USA.

The report called Getting Back at Your Ex – By Getting Surgery suggests that many people (notably women but not exclusively) are having plastic surgery as a form of revenge. In short, getting back at the former partner.

The report identifies 3 types of revenge divorcees. One group were people who simply wanted to show they were exerting their own freedom, and essentially freshen themselves. In a sense it was about making a new start.

The second group were women whose former partner did not approve of them getting any cosmetic treatment while married.

The third group were perhaps the real avengers – they had treatment simply to make their former husband or wife jealous.

It isn’t just the USA which has seen a rise in this so-called revenge surgery. Many people living in the UK are also citing similar reasons as mentioned above.

In fact, overall, cosmetic surgeons suggest the growth is around 25%.

Speaking with reporters, Dr Simon Ourian a surgeon based in Beverly Hills, California said: “I can’t say that I’ve polled my recently divorced patient to divine their intentions to determine which of the three categories they fit into.”

Dr Ourian added: “I do agree with the idea that divorce is one of the most stressful life experiences and that divorcees should take some time following their separation before finalising the decision to undergo any aesthetic procedures.”

However Dr Ourian thinks terms such as revenge surgery is somewhat over exaggerated. He said: “Frankly, I think the term ‘revenge plastic surgery’ is overblown.”

He pointed out that most divorcees simply wanted to look their best.


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