Preventative Dentistry Month

June 25th, 2012
Preventative Dentistry Month

In a novel twist to health promotion a dentist from New York has declared that July is Preventive Dentistry month.

Although it could be argued that this is more of a marketing ploy, nevertheless preventive dentistry is vital in trying to combat a growing problem of dental decay and poor oral hygiene.

As a reward for a patient having a dental X-ray, check up and clean, the New York dentist Dr. Lawrence Spindel, a qualified practicing cosmetic dentist is giving away electric tooth brushes to his patients. These are now considered by many dentists around the globe to be more effective in cleaning teeth than traditional manual tooth brushes.

Speaking with reporters, Dr. Spindel said: “Most people will do a better job cleaning their teeth with a good electric toothbrush than they will with a good manual brush. The repeated reciprocating rotary movement of electric toothbrush cleans faster and more thoroughly than can be accomplished with a manual brush by most patients.”

Dr. Spindel as stated above specialises in cosmetic dentistry. However as well as an expert in implants and other cosmetic treatments he is a strong advocate of preventive dentistry. This is something that many dentists around the world are beginning to focus on, as not only does it save people’s teeth and helps stop the development of further problems, it can also save a patient a lot of money on top.

Why has Dr. Spindel chosen July as preventive dentistry month?

Quite simply American schools tend to finish at the end of June, so he feels that this coming month could be a great time to focus on a healthy mouth; particularly before going on holiday.


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