Questions in Taiwan about the Safety of LASIK Eye Surgery

February 22nd, 2012
Questions in Taiwan about the Safety of LASIK Eye Surgery

In Taiwan there have been reported complications in some LASIK Eye Surgery patients, which has left the medical profession accused of using an unsafe procedure to treat eye conditions.

Moreover, one of the leading optical health professionals in Taiwan decided to stop using the therapeutic treatment, causing further controversy.

However, a leading expert has rebuffed any suggestion that LASIK surgery is unsafe.

The controversy surrounds Dr. Ray Tsai who issued a statement saying that he was abandoning the use of LASIK surgery. He is reported to have told reporters: “It is against my ethics to not tell them all the possible consequences. After a full consideration, I decided to quit LASIK.”

While LASIK surgery like all surgical procedures does have risks, experts believe the risks are very low, and Dr. Thai’s withdrawal from using the therapy is damaging both patients and the medical profession alike.

Moreover, LASIK surgery is considered by optical experts to be the only procedure suitable for patients with myopia. One such expert, Dr Chu Renyuan said: “…No therapy is perfect. The key is the equipment, doctor’s skill and proper screening of patients.”

It seems LASIK treatment is used a lot in both Taiwan and on the Chinese mainland each year. The Chinese Health Board advises patients to ensure they get a full check up before having treatment. They support the medical profession in China that LASIK surgery is perfectly safe.

“About 30,000 patients underwent LASIK surgery in Shanghai last year,” Dr. Chu said. “There was not one case with infection or suffering complications.”


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