State of Nebraska given a low grade for dental care

September 5th, 2011
State of Nebraska given a low grade for dental care

A recent report commissioned by an organisation called the Pew Centre on the States gave the USA State of Nebraska a C grade for its current efforts in improving dental health care.

The organisation said that only half of the benchmarks aimed at improving children’s dental health were reached.

One of the missed benchmarks concerned fluoridation of the community water supply. The report said that only 75% of the population was currently covered. Schools which are deemed by the Pew Centre as high-risk in particular were also not reached sufficiently – just one quarter in fact. It isn’t known however what criteria are used to determine what constitutes a high-risk school.

Nebraska is one of 11 US states that provide dental care through the Medicaid system.

The state is also one of 23 that received a C grading from the Pew Centre. Interestingly, the report gave an A or B grading to 27 US states.

The Pre Centre on the States is a sub division of the Pew Charitable Trust. The latter investigates issues arising in each State of the USA. Once problems have been identified the organisation suggests solutions.

As a not for profit organisation the Pew Centre is in the enviable position of not having any vested interests trying to determine what should be done. Consequently it can research and proffer solutions transparently.

How much notice is taken by governmental authorities is another matter, although it is a considered to be a well respected organisation.


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