US Dental Firm Recognises Top Dentists’ Achievements

June 13th, 2013
US Dental Firm Recognises Top Dentists’ Achievements

The top performing dentists who work for one of the USA’s major dental firms were invited to a ceremony to honour them.

Called the Top Gun awards, 100 of the company’s top practitioners were given awards ranging from clinical missionary work in places like Liberia to cosmetic and restorative dental practice.

Dr. Syretta Wells received the Humanitarian award for her work in Liberia. She told reporters: “I’m honoured to have received the Humanitarian Award for the work I completed on my mission trip to Liberia.”

Dr Wells was delighted at the 200 plus patients they were able to provide care for. The lack of equipment and range of treatments including extractions and sealants were cited as cause for major delight.

Many US dentists and a growing number from the UK and elsewhere are now beginning to use some of their annual leave to work in far flung and generally poor nations in Africa and South America.

Commenting on the awards, Richard Beckman, chief executive officer of Great Expressions Dental Centres said he was very proud of the company’s network of 350 dental practitioners, all of whom work tirelessly for their patients.

He suggested that the Top Gun awards are simply a means to recognise those dentists that go beyond the call of duty.

This particular event which took place in Orlando, Florida is the 3rd award ceremony in the company’s history.


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