Are Adjustable Glasses A New Vision For Treating the Poor?

February 8th, 2011
Are Adjustable Glasses A New Vision For Treating the Poor?

In many countries being able to afford a pair of spectacles is out of reach. However scientists may have stumbled across a new technique that could help.

The idea is called ‘self retracting glasses’ and the technique was published in the Journal of Ophthamology.

Designed for adolescents who are near sighted, patients are able to adjust the lens strength without having to visit an optician or other eye care professional. This will be useful in places such as sub-Saharan Africa where only 1 optician for every million people exists.

Called by its commercial name Adspecs the self retracting glasses are available now with 30,000 people already using them in underdeveloped countries.

However some concern has been expressed whether they would be suitable for children and teenagers. As such, research was recently carried out on 554 Chinese students aged 12 – 17 were asked take part. Teachers of the students were shown how they worked prior to being given to the students to ensure the former could supervise if necessary.

The group were also given a professional eye examination and the results compared which showed that 92% of students successfully corrected their nearsightedness by using the glasses. This is statistically highly significant.

The Adspecs inventor Dr. Joshua D. Silver, who is a physicist at Oxford University in the UK said: “What we have proven is the basic principle. The large majority of teenaged children in an area where poor vision from uncorrected refractive error is common can achieve vision sufficient to meet the demands of the classroom.”

While this research is very useful, some are arguing that the proper test will come when used in the real world.

The glasses also have their limitations. For instance, they can’t be used for curing astigmatism.

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