Are There Any Risks To Laser Eye Surgery?

January 20th, 2011
Are There Any Risks To Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery has been around for quite a while now. More and more people, particularly older people, are getting treatment.

However it isn’t without risks.

One of the commonest side effects is pain in the eyes. This is apparently more so with one particular type of laser treatment called zyoptics laser eye surgery.

There are also times where despite having surgery, there is either over correction or under correction in a person’s eyesight. If this happens (and it might be down to human error), patients will invariably have to continue wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Other risks may be eye infection, although this would normally be treated by medication.

One of the more recent and growing methods used for treating eye conditions is Lasik laser surgery. While this in general is very successful, it too is not without risk.

Lasik laser treatment is a bit different from other types of therapy. It isn’t just a corrective eye technique but a method to fully normalise eyesight. It isn’t simply a cosmetic exercise.

However an in important risk is called hinged flap. Doctors need to lift the eye lid in order to expose the cornea for treatment. But in doing so it could cause a problem.

A more serious risk is ‘Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis’ which can occur when dead cells lodge themselves in the corneal region. The cornea treats these as a foreign body, turn causing inflammation and even scarring. If not treated quickly and properly, there is a risk of permanent damage.

One of the major problems in laser eye treatment is that there are a number of different techniques used, all of which are not totally risk-free. While each has different advantages, they also have a number of associated hazards.

It is therefore advisable to find out as much as possible about the side effects and risks associated with the treatment being offered. That said in general, modern laser treatment methods are far safer than previous surgical operations.

In this case, the benefits do outweigh the risks.

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