Can Your Smartphone Help You Lose Weight?

December 17th, 2012
Can Your Smartphone Help You Lose Weight?

With the trend for using applications on mobile devices growing at an unprecedented rate, it would be rather surprising if there weren’t such apps related to health and fitness.

But can these apps help people lose weight? It seems improbable, but apparently recent research has found a connection.

Scientists from Northwestern University are advising anyone who is trying to lose weight they could do no better than buy a dietary app. These allow you to monitor what you eat, how much you exercise and calorie count.

Researchers also found that on average an adult using a smartphone app will lose 8 pounds more in weight than those who don’t.

The study itself was a year long piece of research. Sixty nine volunteers who were classed as obese according to their body mass index were divided into 2 groups. Both groups attended health education classes, but only one group was given an app to use on their smartphone (or on a personal digital monitor if they didn’t own a mobile device).

The average weight loss in the experimental group was a huge 15 pounds.

Speaking with reporters, one of the lead researchers, Dr. Bonnie Spring said: “This approach empowers patients to help themselves on a day-to-day basis.”

She added:  “We can help people lose meaningful amounts of weight and keep it off.  To do that we need to engage them in tracking their own eating and activity, learn how that governs weight, and take advantage of social support.”

Dr. Spring also pointed out that while monitoring their own weight is important, it is equally important for them to meet other people in classes. The latter give support and help when needed.


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