Dentists Still Lead the Way in Offering Free Treatment

April 16th, 2012
Dentists Still Lead the Way in Offering Free Treatment

It seems dentists are still leading the way in the USA in offering free examination and treatment for people who can’t afford insurance.

A practice in Columbus, Ohio recently donated one of its days to offering free services to members of the local community who do not have dental insurance.

The services offered including examination, cleaning and if necessary tooth extraction or fillings. And it appears the offer was taken up by a lot of people who lined the street outside the clinic.

One patient told reporters: “It’ll feel great knowing this pain will go away,” while another commented: “It means a lot to me, because I wasn’t expecting to get my tooth fixed for way down the road, because I don’t have any health insurance right now.”

The free services form part of the not for profit dental organisation known as Dentistry from the Heart. The latter is just one of a growing number of charitable bodies, which are trying to ensure local communities are not left out of the need to improve oral health.

There is a huge shortage of practicsng dentists in the USA, but organisations such as Dentistry from the Heart believe that the underserved communities, in particular poorer areas, are missing out simply because they can’t afford dental insurance.

The dental clinic that took part in the scheme said they plan to offer this free service once a year.


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