Florida Judge In Trouble Over His Comments

April 7th, 2011
Florida Judge In Trouble Over His Comments

A Florida District judge has been forced to come clean over his recent comments regarding the Obama health laws. The judge, Roger Vinson said that part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which was passed by the Federal parliament was unconstitutional.

However these remarks got him into hot water. As such, the Democratic Government asked the judge to explain himself.

While calling parts of the new law void, he also allowed 26 States to not have to abide by the law at all. This last move has angered supporters of the new reforms. Speaking with reporters, a spokeswoman for the Justice Department said: “We believe it is important to put to rest any doubts about the ability of states and other parties to continue to implement these critical programs and consumer protections provided under this statute”.

The law which was passed last year by the US Congress is 995 pages long. Its purpose is to ensure everyone over the age of 18 is covered by health insurance, including people who have pre-existing conditions. If people are not able to afford the premiums, the Government will subsidise them.

The main aim of the bill is to reduce the chance of people being refused treatment, particularly those who previously could not get insurance. While it doesn’t go far enough for many in the Democratic Party, Republican sympathisers and party members are furious. Consequently, they are trying various means to scupper the new law.

Meanwhile in the UK, the British Government said it was pausing the transition of the NHS bill through the House of Commons. Many believe that the Government wants to privatise the NHS, and so force people to have to take out private insurance.

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