Florida Returns Federal Health Care Money -6049

February 28th, 2011
Florida Returns Federal Health Care Money -6049

In a surprise move the State of Florida government has returned $1 million dollars given to it by the Federal Government.

The grant which was returned by Florida’s Insurance Commissioner is supposed to enable the State hold insurance companies to account, and to ensure the health care reforms passed by the Federal administration would be affordable for Florida families.

This surprise move has astounded Florida Democrats who are now asking what will the State Government cut next.

Oddly, one Florida Republican Debbie Wasserman has also criticised the move saying: “Thousands of hard working Florida families are struggling to afford health care and millions more don’t have coverage for even basic medical expenses, let alone major illnesses.”

She added: “With their decision, Gov. Scott and Insurance Commissioner McCarty have turned their backs on millions of Floridians trying to protect their families.

“Slow-walking the implementation of the health care reform law shows a shocking lack of awareness of the health care needs of Florida working families and small business owners, but it also shows a shocking lack of fiscal responsibility.

“Why they are returning $1 million to anyone when the state faces a $3.6 billion shortfall is beyond me.”

The Democratic delegation to the US House of Representatives is also enraged. Members are asking questions. They want to know whether the Florida Government intends maintaining consumer protections including allowing young adults to stay on their parent’s plan until they reach the age of 26.

They also want to know if insurance companies will be prevented from placing a lifetime limit on how much care they will provide. This would include such things as cover for recommended preventive services, like mammograms and flu shots.

While Obama’s laws are designed to help people it seems Republicans are beginning to use financial tactics to try and defeat them. The more unworkable they becoming the less chance they have of being implemented.

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