I Spy, a Golfing Surgery Phenomenon

November 5th, 2010
I Spy, a Golfing Surgery Phenomenon

A game of distances and accuracy, golf is best played with concentration, focus and, of course, the best tools. So often, a golf tournament is won by mere millimeters; and although you can outfit your golf club holder with the best putter, driver and irons money can buy you may still fail on the course.

A sport played without the camaraderie of a team, it is a one-man activity and if a player fails, he has himself to blame. It is this type of pressure that professional golfers carry with them on the greens, aware that an infinitesimal glitch can cost the entire tournament.

Vision and the ability to see clearly whilst golfing are as important to your overall game as the club you use to achieve that victory-seizing hole-in-one. Glasses can slip down your face, especially when you’re sweating and contacts, those unpredictable soft plastic lenses that fit directly onto the eye can cause your eyes to water at inopportune times and can simply fall out, getting lost amongst the turf.

Some golf players have turned to laser eye surgery, a quick, outpatient procedure, meant to correct faulty eyesight and restore perfect vision within minutes. The effect laser eye surgery has on one’s golf game is unbelievable according to some of the sport’s leading men including Tiger Woods, Lee Westwood, and Padraig Harrington.

As long as there are golfing tournaments with shiny trophies at stake, pesky winds and elusive sands, golfers will be flocking to optometrists in droves to receive laser eye surgery.

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