Practice Manager Charged

May 2nd, 2013
Practice Manager Charged

A practice manager has been charged with carrying out cosmetic procedures in a practice where she works despite being unqualified and unlicensed.

The woman from Florida, USA is reported to have told a witness that she had seen the particular operation on many occasions.

It seems that while the actual facelift was performed by the cosmetic surgeon, the practice manager is accused of carrying out a post-operative procedure when the patient returned for a check-up.

It seems that the patient’s face had swollen during the previous day, but the practice manager decided to offer her own help as her brother, the actual surgeon was not available.

The manager diagnosed a haematoma and so carried out a medical procedure to drain excess fluid.

This left the patient in question is severe pain who in turn was forced to visit another plastic surgeon for help. The practice manager also did not provide any pain relief.

Speaking with reporters, Wendy Rose of the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office said: “She diagnosed and treated a person who needed medical services, and she has no medical qualifications.”

While a terrible slight on the cosmetic surgery, this is apparently the first incident of its kind.

The practice manager has been given bail, and told not to contact either the surgery or any of its patients.


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