Prescription 3D Glasses On The Way

October 21st, 2010
Prescription 3D Glasses On The Way

Is your eyesight stopping you viewing 3D films? If so, there could be good news on the way. Samsung, the well known electronics firm has developed 3D glasses which can adjust your sight. They are however, only available on prescription.

The glasses themselves are still the shutter type, but Samsung believes they will help improve the 3D viewing quality of anyone with less than 20-20 vision.

The new gadget was showcased at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in the USA. This particular tradeshow attracts thousands of traders and hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

3D has a chequered history. Despite a number of films being produced over the years, the technology has never really taken off. This might just be about to change though with the development of 3D television sets. Whether 3D content will increase however, only time will tell; at the moment, there doesn’t seem much clamour for it.

One of the major reasons for this lack of interest has been the unfashionable look and the uncomfortable feel of the 3D glasses. The Korean firm seems to have taken this message on board and is offering the consumer a range of styles. That said, it may be a while before both Samsung and the TV manufacturing industry can persuade consumers that 3D television is the future.

As for the spectacles themselves, Samsung says that it only takes 7 days from having an eye test to making the new item. They are also only available in Korea at the moment.

Will prescription 3D glasses arrive in the UK? Yes, but probably not for some time.

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