Should Athletes Take Out Medical Cover?

December 7th, 2012
Should Athletes Take Out Medical Cover?

With the increasing popularity of running and jogging these days, which may increase further in the aftermath of the Olympics, there are concerns that runners are not fully covered by insurance.

Although many of the injuries sustained by runners tend to be minor – sprained ankles, pulled ligaments and similar – the cumulative cost to the NHS is huge. In fact, it appears that most people visiting the A&E departments at hospitals tend to have injuries caused through sporting activities.

As such, athletes, (marathon runners in particular) are being urged to take out health insurance cover.

While cynics could argue that this push has more to do with insurance companies trying to tap into a ready market. However with cut backs in NHS services, it may be financially beneficial for sports people to consider investing in a policy to cover such things as physiotherapy treatment.

Paying privately for physiotherapy can cost as much as £45 per session. And often patients require several sessions depending on the severity of the injury.

Speaking about this, a spokesperson from one leading insurance company advises that policies can cover a wide range of injuries and treatments. Therefore if anyone is considering taking one out they should look carefully at what is covered, and whether it is suitable.

Further, since injuries can lay people off work, it maybe advisable to take out a policy that includes cover for loss of earnings.

Finally, not all health insurance companies cover everything. As such it is vital to check for an exclusions or limits.


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