Using Your Mind To Cut Your Weight

January 14th, 2013
Using Your Mind To Cut Your Weight

As the New Year gets under way, most people are likely to have broken their resolutions, including the decision to lose weight – one of the most popular.

Can training your mind help?

According to clinical psychologists one of the best ways to lose weight is to develop consistent habits, and one way to do that is to retrain the mind.

Mindfulness Training is now a growing popular method used by psychological therapists. It helps people suffering from many problems including obesity understand better how hunger, weight and exercise are related, and how you can alter the way you think about each.In turn, by changing the way you think about your weight you can develop a better relationship with it and all factors related to it including food.

According to experts there are 4 areas that relate to Mindfulness Training. These are: focusing your mind, being more aware of your body, in particular how you feel through your senses; being aware of your thoughts and being aware of your feelings.

In short, Mindfulness Training is about being aware of yourself, what you are capable of, but at the same time how you need to focus in order to develop consistent habits tin order to lose weight.Gaining weight often required an individual to develop a habit of overeating. Unfortunately, this ‘bad habit’ invariably crept up on a person as he or she was not aware what was happening till too late.Mindfulness Training in short develops the habit of awareness.

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