Woman’s personal facelift device takes off

January 13th, 2011
Woman’s personal facelift device takes off

A woman who invented a device to help with an existing medical condition has seen a demand for it amongst fashionable circles as an alternative to facelifts.

Julie Levy from the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia, had originally invented her “Lyfter” device for her personal use after suffering a stroke. She created the “Lyfter” to help raise the left side of her face, which had sagged after her stroke at the age of twenty-three, as she could not afford the costs of cosmetic surgery. However, her invention has caught on in the area and is now being sought as a quick-fix beauty product.

The “Lyfter,” made from medical plastics and applied using plaster spray, pulls the sagging skin on the face behind the ear; providing a temporary facelift effect. Julie Levy spent one hundred thousand dollars producing her invention and now sells it for around $120. Mrs. Levy has admitted that her clients are secretive about their new cosmetic product and are unwilling to share their new secret with their friends.

Mrs Levy was quoted as saying; ‘There are many women out there who cannot afford facelifts. Something like this gives them a chance. The age group that buys these are a very discreet bunch; they don’t go showing them off. People can tell them they look absolutely fabulous and they can swear on their lives they haven’t had plastic surgery and that’s what they like because it’s true.’

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  1. Cheryl Montgomery says:

    How can I purchase the LYFTER by Mrs Levy that was shown on Today Tonight 10/3/2011 ?

  2. S. Kronen says:

    please contact me with info on purchasing this product

  3. suzannne.parker says:

    how can i purchase the LYFTER by Mrs Levy that was shown on today tonight?22/3/2011

  4. lYFTER says:

    OK Ladies I finally found a email address after searching all day about the product, [email protected] Try that as I have just sent a email about where to purchase this,Thanks Suzanne

  5. lYFTER says:


  6. Senga says:

    don’t buy it ladies it doesn’t work…if you haven”t got extremely large ears the lyfters won’t fit you. because it is 1 size fits all
    i had at least 1 inch gap at the bottom because the lyfters were far to big, so of coarse they don’t hold any skin back.And of coarse wouldn’t you know it
    NO money back so you are stuck with 2 peices of hard

  7. Jill says:

    Thankyou for this device as although I do not have large ears I was able to incorporate my hair around this and if I do say so myself I looked almost 20 years younger at my sons wedding last week, the comments from people I hadnt seen for years were how good I looked and no one knew I was wearing them I almost didnt want to take them off.

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