Worries Over Children’s Health Insurance

March 23rd, 2011
Worries Over Children’s Health Insurance

When people think of health insurance, it is normally in connection with adults. However it shouldn’t be forgotten that in the US children also need to be covered.

This fact was highlighted recently by the story of one mother whose health insurance expired just one week before her daughter was diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). She was prescribed a particular medicine, but the cost was $179 per month.

Unfortunately for the mum, she had just been made redundant from her job, but was unable to get another job. Further, she couldn’t afford the health insurance on her meagre unemployment benefit.

However luck eventually turned her way when her daughter was accepted onto a Government health insurance programme specifically designed for children. With growing problems for many families in the US regarding obtaining proper coverage, the children’s schemes organised by the State are taking the burden and worry away from parents.

When her daughter was invited to join the scheme, the mum in question told reporters: “I was actually pretty shocked.”

According to the Kaiser Foundation, 10.4% of American children younger than 19, do not have health insurance. Most of these live in households who are described as poor by the Federal Government.

Studies also show that families who are poor are less likely to access health care for their children. This unfortunately puts them at great risk of preventable disorders and hospitalisation.

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