BBC investigation uncovers illegal muscle drug sales

July 13th, 2023

A BBC investigation has uncovered nationwide sales of illegal muscle-building drugs.

Undercover investigators found that the illegal drugs, which are taken by people looking to gain muscle mass, are being sold in stores across the UK. The drugs can cause symptoms linked to a range of health issues, including erectile dysfunction, liver function problems and mood swings.

Reporters discovered the illegal drugs for sale in shops that sell bodybuilding products and supplements and online stores. Knows as SARMS (selective androgen receptor modulators), the drugs replicate the actions of anabolic steroids to build muscle mass and increase strength.

In response to the findings, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has called for stricter regulations to prohibit the sale of banned muscle-building drugs. The drugs are classified as ‘unauthorised novel foods’ and should not be available for human consumption, according to the FSA (Food Standards Agency). The regulations mean that selling them to consumers in the UK is illegal.

SARMS were developed as an experimental medicine, which could potentially treat patients with conditions that cause muscle loss and wasting. However, they have since become very popular among bodybuilders and individuals looking to gain significant muscle mass. Many people discover them through social media.

The full spectrum of side effects and complications is unknown, but experts have warned that the drugs could be more damaging to the body than steroids. Laura Wilson, from the RPS, highlighted several potential side effects, including liver problems, the development of breast tissue in males and abnormal hormone levels. She stressed that the advice is to avoid taking these drugs at all costs.

The BBC found that the drugs are widely available online and in-store across the country. During the investigation, reporters spoke to people as young as 19 who had experienced both physiological and psychological effects after taking the medication. Reporters were able to access the drugs in shops even though some of the assistants highlighted that they weren’t recommended for human use, and online from UK and international sellers. One retailer told investigators that it is widely known that the drugs are banned, yet everyone takes them anyway.

SARMS are not regulated, which means that individuals don’t know what they’re taking or how they will react to the drugs.

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