Bearded Woman Wins Laser Hair Removal Battle-4007

May 8th, 2015
Bearded Woman Wins Laser Hair Removal Battle-4007

Bearded women have long been a source of legend, curiosity or ridicule.

Typically caused by a hormonal imbalance, a genetic disorder or use of anabolic steroids, this hirsute oddity often leads women affected by the condition desperately seeking help from medical professionals.

For one 32-year-old British woman, excessive hair on her face, breasts, stomach and legs caused by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) has caused years of suffering and abuse, with a six-year NHS struggle finally resulting in her approval for laser treatment.

Currently, the mum-of-two from Morecambe shaves up to three times a day and forks out £2,000 a year on razors – but undergoing laser hair removal treatment, which costs around £10,000, will get rid of the hair for good.

The Rise of Laser Hair Removal

While cases like this are unquestionably rare, more and more women are turning to laser treatment in a bid to remove their own excess body hair, with beauty salons, spas and aesthetic clinics offering some of the most advanced techniques on the market.

Indeed, some of the world’s biggest celebrities are already reaping the benefits.

Kim Kardashian, for instance, the American television personality, socialite and wife of Kanye West, has confessed that, considering her Armenian roots, she’s obsessed with laser hair removal, claiming her entire body is hairless.

The same goes for Lilly Ghalichi from Shah’s of Sunset, who’s professed her own love of laser hair removal, admitting that she first tried it whilst in college and has had the treatment on her underarms, bikini area and face.

Millionaire’s aside, however, this growing trend for laser hair removal requires a closer look.

Trust the Experts

Despite some practitioners advertising their laser hair removal services, not all of them posses the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical understanding needed to deliver safe and effective treatment.

As you might expect, placing your faith in a practitioner without the requisite training is like trusting a chimpanzee to perform brain surgery – it’s only going to have you running to your nearest personal injury solicitors to make a claim for medical negligence.

Consequently, it’s vital the practitioner you choose is fully qualified.

These days, gaining the mandatory qualification is easier than ever, as laser hair removal courses are designed to furnish delegates with the skills they need to deliver effective treatments using safe and appropriate settings.

Generally, practitioners will learn about the factors affecting the success of the treatment and the challenges of different skin types, as well as pre and post treatment care for safe and effective hair reduction.

Is Laser Hair Removal For You?

Admittedly, laser hair removal isn’t for everyone.

If you happen to have blonde or white hair, or an unfortunate “monobrow”, experts tend to recommend electrolysis or waxing rather than laser hair removal, with these treatments generally offering better results.

However, if you have very light skin and dark hair, you will typically see better results, as the practitioner can better guide the laser to target the hair, as opposed to your skin absorbing the light of the laser.

While you’re unlikely to require laser hair treatment to remove a beard Abraham Lincoln would be proud of, it’s easy to see why this safe and effective method is growing in popularity in the UK and further afield.

Now it’s over to you…

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