Does Skipping Breakfast Help You Lose Weight?-6222

September 18th, 2014
Does Skipping Breakfast Help You Lose Weight?-6222

With the world moving so fast these days, many people across the globe either skip breakfast or limit what they eat.

However, it has been generally accepted by previous generations that eating a hearty breakfast can sustain you for the whole day till the evening meal.

But some people think that by skipping breakfast,  they will lose weight as they would have to wait until at least lunchtime before eating. Their idea is that cutting down their food intake will help them to lose weight, so it is easier to do this at breakfast rather than during the rest of the day.

Researchers from Birmingham, Alabama recently decided to test the idea that skipping breakfast would help with weight loss.

They asked 300 overweight individuals aged 20 to 65 to take part in the research. The participants were from various cities around the world. They were divided into 3 groups.

One group was asked to skip breakfast. The second group were told to continue eating the morning meal, while a third (control) group were just provided with nutritional information. The trial lasted 16 weeks.

The researchers found that skipping breakfast had no statistically significant effect on weight loss.

Speaking with reporters, the lead author of this research, Emily Dhurandhar, said that while the research didn’t take metabolism or appetite into account, the results suggest that it makes no difference whether people eat or skip breakfast in their quest to lose weight.

There has been a long held belief by obesity researchers that the only real solution to losing weight is to eat healthily, eat small quantities of food at set times during the day, cut out snacks (particularly those loaded with sugar and fat) and exercise regularly.

This advice still holds today despite all the other research such as that outlined above.

This particular research could help dietitians plan more effectively when helping patients.


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