Fructose not Connected with Weight Gain -9152

February 27th, 2012
Fructose not Connected with Weight Gain -9152

It may come as a surprise to many people who avoid sugary foods on the grounds that it increases weight, but recent research seems to suggest differently.

Scientists looked at the effects of one particular sugar – Fructose – which is found in fruits and often used in baking. They suggest it will not increase your weight- provided of course that you cut down on other carbohydrates at the same time.

Dr. John Sievenpiper one of the report’s authors behind the Canadian research told local reporters: “Fructose probably isn’t any different than other sources of carbohydrates.”

The research focused on two groups. One was given foodstuff baked with extra fructose while the second group were offered foodstuffs containing other carbohydrates. There was no statistical difference in weight gain between the two groups.

Dr. John Sievenpiper added: “[This] represents pretty reasonable evidence that fructose in and of itself doesn’t contribute to weight gain. But when it contributes extra energy, that’s when you do see weight gain.”

The researchers also studied 31 other pieces of research involving 637 people. but they only seemed to confirm what Dr. Sievenpiper also found from his own research. The general conclusion is that fructose alone is not the source of weight gain.

“It’s not any one source of calories – it’s calories in general,” Sievenpiper said.

The research team has been criticised over the fact that the funding it gets is from Coca Cola. However, the team deny that Coca Cola has influenced the research in any way.


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