NHS launches new video encouraging young people to get vaccinated

August 24th, 2021
NHS launches new video encouraging young people to get vaccinated

The NHS has launched a new video highlighting the risks of long Covid to encourage young people to get vaccinated.

As the government reached its target of inviting everyone over 16 in England to have a vaccine by August 23rd, a new video has been released to urge young adults and teens to get the jab.

The video features a series of clips of young adults who have experienced Covid-19, including Megan Higgins, 25. Special needs teacher, Megan, was fit and healthy before contracting Covid-19 but has struggled with the effects of long Covid.

Megan said that eight months after contracting the virus, she still suffers from exhaustion and joint pain. She also stressed that her illness has affected her mental health, as she finds it so much harder to be resilient when she’s tired.

The effects of the virus have also caused her to get frustrated and angry when she can’t do tasks she used to find simple. Speaking about her experience, Megan remembers getting upset and angry because she couldn’t keep her arms up long enough to comb a knot out of her hair.

Megan’s story is not an isolated one. Ella Harwood, 23, was bed-bound for seven months after developing Covid-19 and she still fears that she won’t ever feel the same again.

Despite the fact that Ella was healthy and had no underlying conditions, the virus floored her and she is now encouraging everyone who is eligible to have the vaccine to lower the risks of serious illness.

Quincy Dwamena, 31, also appears in the new NHS video. Talking candidly, he admits that he delayed the vaccine and shares his experience of ending up in hospital, thinking he was “going to die.” Quincy was fit and active and wishes he had taken up the invitation as soon as he was offered the vaccine. His message to others was to have the jab as soon as possible.

The latest statistics show that more than 360,000 16 and 17-year-olds have had their first vaccine in England. Over 87% of people have had one dose and 76% have had both doses.

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