What’s the Biggest Turnoff when Attracting a Partner? -8655

January 23rd, 2012
What’s the Biggest Turnoff when Attracting a Partner? -8655

It seems that possessing bad teeth is the number one turnoff when rating attractiveness. By contrast the most popular are body type and hair colour.

The findings come from a recent survey called appropriately ‘The Biggest Turnoff Dating Survey,’ which looked at attributes people found attractive and most appealing in others. For instance, when asked what they first looked for or noticed in a potential romantic partner, 62% of respondents said a person’s smile. Body type, eyes complexion and fashion sense came low down on the attractiveness list.

However looking at it the other way, someone with poorly maintained teeth and bad oral hygiene were a big turnoff. In fact, a staggering 31.3% of respondents said that bad breath was the biggest turnoff, closely followed by 25% who said missing or crooked teeth turned them off.

What is interesting about these statistics is that body odour (something many would have thought a turn off when seeking a partner) ranked lower at just 12.5%,

So, it is self evident that if you are looking for a romantic attachment, it is far more important to ensure you have good oral hygiene and well maintained teeth before focusing on any of the other so called attributes, namely fashion and appearance.


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