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18 Ashley Road Walton-on-Thames Surrey, KT12 1HS

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About Mulberry Dental

The Mulberry - Cosmetic dentistry in Surrey

A high class considerate experience, the Mulberry provides a cosmetic dentistry service in the kernel of Surrey, South England.

The Mulberry is a premier class experience with Dr Riten Patel as the clinical director is a leading Surrey dentist, bringing international and national reputation to the practice. The Mulberry prides itself on listening to its patient’s needs and creating the perfect smile without compromising on quality or service. Celebrities have experienced the Mulberry makeover but the practice caters for all.

What the Mulberry has to offer

The Mulberry aims to transform smiles with an informal relaxed approach, whilst still taking pride in providing high quality, state of the art family and general dental care. The Mulberry utilises the highest level of digital x-rays, laser disinfections, intraoral cameras and a Cerec Studio. As well as cosmetic dentistry the Mulberry provides general top of the range family care.

Technology at the Mulberry

By investing in the latest dental technology the Mulberry keeps ahead of the game. The practice is fitted with its own ceramic studio for the fabrication of crowns, inlays and onlays. The Mulberry also uses the latest Tscan digital mapping, one of the pioneering practices in the UK to use this technology.

The Mulberry Treatment

Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Surrey: The Mulberry’s highly qualified and experience implant surgeons offer to replace missing teeth with stable implants, superior to dentures. The practice also provides more advanced procedures such as sinus lifts or bone grafting.

Teeth Whitening Spa

With the latest Enlighten Deep Bleach kits, the Mulberry can guarantee quality and highly successful teeth whitening results for its patients.

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign invisible braces enable the surgeons at the Mulberry to correct crooked teeth or close gaps without the use of clumpy metal braces. Dr Patel, the clinical director of the practice, is placed at a great advantage over general cosmetic dentists due to his extensive orthodontic training. Other orthodontic treatments offered ay the Mulberry include the Inman Aligner, the new 6 month smiles braces and the friction free Damon Braces.

Smile Makeover

From an elusive change to a distinctive Hollywood smile, the Mulberry can provide a selection of treatments and procedures to give their patients the finest restorations they can expect.

Jaw Paint and Problems

For patients experiencing problem with their bite, the Mulberry can offer pain relief for joint problems and pain that stem from stress.

White Fillings

Most patients will have received metal fillings when the tooth has become worn away or decayed. At the Mulberry, metal fillings can be replaced with amalgam-free tooth coloured deposits. All decay is removed by laser disinfection and replaced safely.

Bridges and Crowns

Crowns can be used to sit on top of a broken or chipped tooth to return the tooth to its former strength and shape. A bridge can also be fitted for patients missing one or more teeth, preventing the movement of surrounding teeth and securing neighbouring crowns.


A FREE consultation can be booked with Dr Patel to cater for your dental needs or change your smile.

Contact the Mulberry

18 Ashley Road
Walton on Thames
KT12 1HS
Tel: 01932 223 479

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