A guide to Hair loss

Hair loss causes a great deal of anxiety in men although women can also be affected. It can be temporary or permanent but whatever the type, it impacts upon an individual’s confidence and self-esteem.

Hair loss is more common than you think. More than two thirds of people will experience some form of hair loss in their lives so don’t feel that you are the only one. It affects men, women, teenagers and children.

If you are experiencing hair loss and want to do something about it then this site is here to help. We do not see hair loss as a trivial matter; rather we are here to offer help and advice on what is, for many people, an embarrassing condition.

This site contains information about hair loss; the causes, the treatments available, healthy hair tips and a list of the most commonly asked questions about hair loss.

Hair loss is more common in men than women but women do experience problems in this area and in response to that, we have a section dedicated to Female Hair Loss.

If you have lost hair as a result of an illness, chemotherapy treatment, ‘male pattern baldness’ or a hormonal change such as pregnancy then this site will give you answers to questions you may have about this condition.

If you are considering a wig or hair transplant surgery then visit our ‘treatment’ section first. This section contains information on a wide range of hair loss treatments which range from medical through to surgical.

Plus we also have information on hair loss for Sikh men. Many people are unaware of the fact that wearing a turban for long periods of time pulls on the hair which eventually leads to hair loss. Cutting the hair is not an option but there are treatments available for this condition which is discussed in greater detail in our ‘Sikh men’ section.

And, even though this site is dedicated to hair loss, we believe that a ‘hair care’ routine can maintain the condition of your hair and minimise the risk of hair loss. So, we have put together a ‘top 10’ tip for healthy hair.

Whatever the reason for your hair loss we hope that our comprehensive site will provide you with the information that you need before proceeding with treatment.

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