Hair Loss Treatment Prices

Whether you choose to be treated at a private clinic or via your GP then either way you will still have to pay for your treatment.

If you choose to be treated by a private clinic then they will have their own list of fees for the various hair treatments. These vary between clinics so it’s a good idea to draw up a shortlist of clinics and speak to each of them in turn. Ask for a breakdown of the costs of your treatment, especially if you require more than one session.

If you decide to visit your GP first then he/she may refer you to a hair specialist or trichologist. But you usually have to pay for your treatment.

Hair loss medications such as Finasteride are not available on the NHS but as a private prescription from your GP which you have to pay for. Minoxidil can also be purchased privately or as an over the counter medicine from your local pharmacy.

Wigs: these can be purchased via the NHS or a private clinic. Synthetic hair wigs cost more than human hair wigs but are not as realistic looking and don’t last as long.

Many clinics don’t publish their prices on their websites. You will have to contact them either by email or phone to find out what their fees are.

Here is a list of prices for various hair loss treatments (meant as a rough guide only):

Wigs: synthetic hair

From £50 to £200

Wigs: human hair

From £200 to £2,000 or more

Scalp massage (also known as an Indian Head Massage)

Prices range from £20 upwards for a 30 minute session.

Hair loss medications (Finasteride and Minoxidil)

Prices vary for these medications (check online)

Infra-red/Ultra-violet light treatment

This is usually carried out a hospital. Check with your GP about this.

Hair transplant surgery

Initial consultation costs £50 or more. Costs of treatment depend upon the extent of your hair loss and the number of grafts required.

Costs can range from £2,000 upwards.

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