Finding a Hair Transplant Clinic - A guide to Hair Transplant Surgery

This is a very important part of the process. You want to be certain that you have found the right clinic and surgeon for you, especially as hair transplant surgery can be expensive.

So where do you start?

Ask your GP

It takes time to find the right surgeon so explore several options before deciding upon one. A good place to start is your GP as he/she may be able to advise you about this and recommend a suitable surgeon.

Your GP may able to give you the name of a good hair transplant surgeon but bear in mind that this is a specialist area which they won’t have a great deal of knowledge about. They may advise you to try the private sector as in look for a reputable hair transplant clinic.

Is this available on the NHS?

No. Hair transplant surgery is not deemed to be a ‘medical necessity’and doctors tend to view it more as a ‘lifestyle choice’than anything else.

This means that it is highly unlikely that you would get this procedure free of charge on the NHS.

However there may be exceptional circumstances and if you can demonstrate a medical need then you may be lucky. If your local Primary Care Trust (PCT) decides to help then you will be referred to an NHS hospital. Talk to your GP first and see if this is an option.

What we would say is not to get your hopes up and expect to go privately for this surgery.

Prices vary between clinics. Some will display their fees on their websites but others require you to contact them for a quote. As with anything in life, shop around to get the best deal for you.

Remember that this is a surgical operation which means that the cost will include surgeon’s fees, price of the grafts, any pre-surgery tests and aftercare. Ask for a breakdown of the cost so that you can see what is (and isn’t) included.

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