How is Rett syndrome treated?

There is currently no cure for Rett syndrome so treatment is focused on controlling symptoms and promoting development. Often, medication will be prescribed to ease medical symptoms, such as seizures and therapies such as physiotherapy will be used to help increase mobility, coordination and strengthen the muscles. Occupational therapists help to encourage independent living.

Nutrition is also a key part of treatment for Rett syndrome; most people with the syndrome have trouble eating properly and consequently have low body weight; dieticians will design a food plan to help to ensure the child is eating well; some children will need to be fed through a tube, as they have difficulty swallowing.

Alternative therapies, such as hydrotherapy, massage therapy and music therapy may also be beneficial for children with Rett syndrome; however, there is very little evidence to support the efficacy of many forms of alternative therapy and further research in the field is required.

Rett Syndrome

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