Treating mental retardation

There is no cure for mental retardation so treatment is based upon easing symptoms, controlling pain and trying to encourage development and independence; the aim of the treatment plan is to enable people to live as fulfilling a life as possible.

After diagnosis, a treatment plan can be drawn up which will focus on several different aspects of care; often, medical care is accompanied by therapies such as speech and language therapy and physiotherapy, which will help to improve communication skills, encourage learning and improve mobility and flexibility. The care team which is assigned to the patient will also have a number of other specialists who will help to ensure the care package is as well-rounded and effective as possible.

At school and college, individuals with mental retardation should be offered additional support alongside their usual classes; some schools have a key worker system, where an individual is assigned a key worker to help them with their work and generally help to make school life a bit easier. There are some schools which specialise in catering for children with mental retardation; these schools provide specialist education and support, which is tailored to suit the individual and ensures the children get all the support they need at school. Some parents prefer their children to go to specialist schools, while others prefer their children to attend mainstream schools so that they can integrate into society more.

Mental Retardation

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