Diet Pills

These are seen by many people as a ‘quick fix’when it comes to weight loss. They are especially tempting if you have tried to lose weight before but with little success. There is more than one type of diet pill. There are some which are specifically aimed at people who are obese, e.g. have a BMIof 30 or more. These are available only on prescription from your GP. Then there are those pills which are available only from your local pharmacist, e.g. Alli. These and other types of over the counter products are designed to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise plan. There are also food supplements such as Acai Berry tea and other slimming drinks. Many health food stores sell herbal diet pills and other forms of weight loss products. These include products which contain guarana (form of caffeine) or green tea.

Are diet pills safe?

This is one of the most popular questions asked about diet pills. The answer is yes –if they are prescribed for obesity or are prescribed as part of a weight loss programme.

As long as you use them sensibly and follow any instructions given then there should not be any problems. However, problems do arise if people misuse these pills or see them as an instant solution to their excess weight gain. Some people do assume that they can continue with their lifestyle and take these pills to lose weight without making any changes. They will continue to eat high fat food and remain inactive rather than changing to a healthier lifestyle. But, what often happens is that they remain at the same weight or even gain weight which is then blamed on the diet pills.

Another factor is that of misuse: there are people who increase the dosage without first seeking advice from their pharmacist or GP who then suffer from a range of side effects. For example, someone may double their dosage of a diet pill which contains caffeine but then find that they experience some unpleasant side effects due to the fact that they have an increased sensitivity to caffeine! Make sure that you read the instructions provided with any diet pills or weight loss product and follow these exactly as stated.

Buying diet pills on the internet

Many people purchase diet pills online and whilst this is a quick and easy way of doing so you do need to be aware of what you are buying. Some websites make extravagant claims for the effects of their products whereas the reality is that you only lose a minimal amount of weight. Others contain ‘fat burning’ ingredients which are guaranteed to speed up your metabolism and help you to shed that excess weight that much quicker.

But, often there is not enough research carried out to support these claims or in some cases these ‘fat burners’ may cause adverse effects. There is no way of knowing how someone will react to a particular diet pill especially if that person has a medical condition or is taking a prescribed medication via their GP.

If someone is severely overweight or obese then they may be suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes –which is often caused by excessive weight gain. The danger here is if they take a diet product which then reacts badly with their current medical condition. The diet pills to avoid are those which contain certain ingredients which have been banned in many countries as they cause serious health problems. They are marketed as being safe and completely ‘natural’ but in some cases they are not and can cause a whole range of problems. Also be wary of websites which sell prescription only diet pills. These should only be available from your pharmacist or GP and under regular supervision. This equally applies to Alli. Alli is effective but only when combined with a low fat diet and exercise. Some people do experience a few unpleasant side effects such as an urgent need to go to the toilet and oily stools but these are often a result of too much fat in their diet. Find out more about these in our alli side effects section.

Make sure you purchase Alli from your local pharmacist rather than online. If you are still unsure then ask your GP’s advice before proceeding.

Dieticians view about Alli

Many dieticians state that weight loss often occurs due to necessary changes in lifestyle such as healthy eating and exercise rather than diet pills only. But they also mention that many diet pills such as Alli are accompanied by a eating and exercise plan which all contributes to weight loss. What they also suggest is that many people who use diet pills such as Alli make permanent changes to their lifestyles which include a low fat diet and exercise. These changes will lead to a reduction in weight and an improved sense of wellbeing. The fact is that there is no quick answer to the problem of excess weight. Diet pills are effective at weight loss when combined with a diet and exercise programme.

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