Maintaining your routine

This can often be the most difficult part of a weight loss programme. If you have been taking alli and find that combining that with a healthy diet and exercise programme has resulted in your target weight loss then congratulate yourself. The next step is to maintain your new healthy weight. This is something many people find hard to do once they have lost weight, particularly if they have followed a strict diet. If someone has followed a strict or even extreme diet for a short period of time then there is a tendency to for that person to regain the weight over a period of time. It can be easy to fall back into old habits and gradually increase your calorie intake without realising this. What happens is that weight that has been lost previously starts to creep back on again, which puts that person right back to square one. This is not something to be ashamed about. We are all human which means that it is all too easy to give in to temptation or cravings when they arise. Don’t be hard on yourself if you give in as this is something we have all done and accept may happen again.

The aim is to know when to resist temptation or if you do cave in, how to deal with the setback.

Remaining positive about your weight loss

A good way of approaching this is to look back over your food diary or a weight loss tracker to see how you have lost weight and your original target. This will boost your confidence as well as encouraging you to remain positive. Remember: you have lost weight before and can do so again if necessary.

Talking to others

It can help to discuss your weight loss with others via the alli discussion forum or other similar groups. If any of your friends are trying to lose weight with alli then talk to them. What also helps is receiving compliments about your new appearance. If people have commented upon your weight loss then refer back to that whenever you have a bad day and are tempted to eat fatty, sugary food. This will stop you from undoing your good work. There is nothing wrong with having a cake or a bar of chocolate as a treat but keep it in moderation.

Your new lifestyle

Alli must only be taken for a designated period of time. Once you have reached your target weight as a result of this programme you then need to maintain these habits for the foreseeable future.

The habits you acquire now, such as healthy eating and exercise must be maintained from now on. Doing so will ensure that you remain at your ideal weight as well as feeling fit and healthy.

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