Preparation for Alli

What does preparation for alli mean?

Alli is a combined weight loss programme. It involves weight loss capsules plus a sensible diet and exercise plan to help you achieve your target weight. The aim is for you to lose weight slowly over a set period of time. Once you have reached your target weight then you will continue with your new eating habits and maintain your new weight. It is a good idea to make these changes before you start taking the alli capsules so that your body becomes accustomed to these changes. It is important to bear in mind that for alli to work you need to stick to a low fat, reduced calorie diet. If you deviate from this then you will, unfortunately, experience some of the unpleasant side effects such as oily motions, a strong urge to go to the toilet, flatulence and abdominal pains.

These effects are discussed in more detail in our alli side effects section. These do not affect everyone but they will occur if you consume too much fat in your diet.

So, to reduce the risk of this happening, make sure that you monitor your fat intake carefully.

This means setting fat and calorie targets.

Setting your fat and calorie intake targets

But before you start, do you have a BMI of 28 or more? Alli is designed for people who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 28 or above. This is classed as overweight or obese. If you are not sure what your BMI is then use one of the many BMI calculators available online or ask your GP or pharmacist. These calculators require you to select your height and weight from a couple of drop down menus. This uses these measurements to categorise your weight as underweight, healthy weight, overweight or obese.

The Alli website ( features a weight loss quiz which can help you to determine if your BMI fits the criteria for using alli. It also asks you questions about your diet to determine your level of knowledge.

This website also contains a fat and calorie calculator. You enter your gender, height and weight and activity level. This gives you a set daily calorie target and maximum fat target for every meal you have.

Find out more in our using alli section. It also shows you how much fat you can consume via snacks, e.g. one snack per day. Unsure of how much fat there is in foods?

The website had information on reducing fat intake such as eating low fat substitutes, grilling rather than frying and avoiding high fat foods such as biscuits and cakes.

Planning healthy meals

It is a good idea to start putting together some ideas for meals rather than leaving it to the last minute. The alli website has ideas for healthy recipes as do many other similar websites. If you are using alli and will be supervised by your GP then ask/her advice about good food choices.

Planning your meals in advance will dictate what you buy when you visit the supermarket. Try and be disciplined with what you buy and only purchase those foods which are part of your alli diet. We would advise against going to the supermarket when you are hungry as it is very easy to be tempted by high fat, sugary convenience food. Plus there is the temptation to consume more than you need. Get into the habit of weighing your food and choosing smaller portions. You will experience food cravings from time to time but when you do have a glass of water instead or find something to occupy your mind with. This will distract you from these cravings which will soon pass.

This is discussed in greater detail in our using alli section.

Increasing your activity levels

Your diet is an important part of the alli programme but exercise is as equally as important. This does not have to mean the gym or running: any form of exercise will do as long as it raises your heart rate.

Aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. This is discussed further in our using alli section.

Support network

It can help to discuss your alli programme with others. There is an alli discussion forum where you can talk to others and obtain moral support if you have had a bad day. There are other diet forums where alli is discussed along with other weight loss methods. Find out more in our using alli section.

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